I have been the creator and manager of Makeup Atelier Paris from 1988 since 2018.

CAT- Complexion Atelier is the first “low cost” and “low weight” professional makeup line.

 “low costs”, because the costs are invested in the product only in the product, if you are looking for an expensive, extravagant packaging you have many choices among all the fashion makeup lines.

 “low weight”:  a quantity of 5 ml is enough to apply 12 to 18 face makeup, perfect for the artistry on-the- go and a 15 ml bottle is about 36 to 54, ideal for the studio and salons.

My partner, Perola de Oliveira, a prestige makeup artist for many Brazilians celebrities, has been working in this industry for over 15 years and has worked closely with my laboratory and team to create the best performing, high quality makeup. Inspired by a wide range of skin types and tones we focus on creating products that will perform with excellence on all skin types and tones. With our combinated experience, CAT- Complexion Atelier was born.

We manufacture CAT-Complexion Atelier in an Italian laboratory that specializes in makeup production for all over the world. I have known this laboratory for 30 years. I trust the quality they can produce.

CAT- Complexion Atelier is not a fashion but a technical makeup line, we focus on the fundamentals for a makeup look, such as foundation.

When it comes to mascaras, lipsticks, powders, pencils, brushes, sponges and other accessories, there are plenty of choice on the internet.

CAT- Complexion Atelier was created to the professional makeup artists needs.

Our prices included the pro discount and we apply more discount on quantity.

Francis Bouillard








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