CAT Complexion Atelier Magic Diluthin Original



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CAT Complexion Atelier Magic Diluthin The Original Makeup Thinner for Gel Products Eyeliners Creamy Eyeshadow and Immediate Brush Cleaner

Main Characteristics: 

  • RAISED INTENSITY: Bring back the Intensity and quality of your gel products, eyeliners, cream eye shadows
  • ENHANCED DURABILITY: of your make-up items while also bringing a natural look to your products when used
  • ADDITIONAL USE: Can be used as an instant brush cleaner, removing any stuck impurities that are hard to remove
  • IMPROVED QUALITY: and the looks of your make-up to a more professional one by using Diluthin!
  • Designed in France and Made in Italy

What is Diluthin?

Diluthin is a colorless and odorless product that creates a thinner and workable version of your makeup products.

The Liquid will help with the thinning of your current makeup products that have dried or have not been used in a long period of time. In addition, raising durability and quality.

Can be used with a wide range of makeup products:

The original CAT Complexion Atelier Magic Diluthin can be mixed with foundations, concealers, gel products, eyeliners, and creamy eye shadow.

CAT’s Diluthin leaves creamy and denser products with a lighter texture. However, it does not directly affects the tonality, quality, or fixation of the product.

Diluthin’s main objective is to make majority of the products in the makeup industry more user friendly. Undoubtedly making it a more friendly and inclusive space for those with creative minds.

More than just a makeup thinner: 

Diluthin also serves the purpose of brush cleaner, great for any airbrush, or any artistic tool where watercolor, dyes, or stuck and dried makeup are used.

It works well on all models of synthetic and natural-haired brushes. Moreover, Diluthin can also be used to clean your brushes immediately, removing any stuck-up residues that may affect the final artistic look you are going for.

Diluthin is easy to use, odorless, colorless, and won’t leak. There is no expiration date. Making CAT’s Diluthin an essential product in every artist’s suitcase.


Drop a few Diluthin droplets inside the makeup piece you would like to fix or dilute, mix until wished texture is reached.


Designed in France and Made in Italy


INGREDIENTS: Isododecane, Benzyl alcohol, Dehydroaecetic acid

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