Serving as the Creator and Manager of Makeup Atelier Paris from 1988 to 2018, 

I felt inspired to create something new, something different,
something that would make the world of makeup and cosmetics more friendly. 

Which brought me to create:

CAT Complexion Atelier

CAT is the first of its type to produce only low
cost and low weight 
on the same level of many other professional makeup brands.

Low Cost: 
Because the costs are invested in the product and in the product only, if you are looking for an
expensive, extravagant packaging you have many choices among all the other fashionmakeup lines.

 Low Weight:

A Quantity of 5 ml Is Enough For 12 to 18 Applications while
A quantity of 15 ml is enough for 24 to 36 applications, perfect for the Artist that is always on-the-go.

Years working in the industry brings access to many laboratories worldwide and I can affirm
we’ve paired with one of the best to create the best performing, high-quality makeup line that is accessible, user-friendly, innovative,
and allows for creative expansion

Inspired by a wide range of skin types and tones we focus on creating products that will
perform with excellence on all skin types and tones.
We are the go-to choice of many artists in France, United States, and Brazil. 

Within the years of combined experience, 
CAT Complexion Atelier was born to bring affordance and inclusiveness to the makeup Industry

We manufacture CAT -Complexion Atelier in an Italian laboratory that specializes in
makeup production for all over the world. I have known this laboratory for 30
years and I trust the quality of the products they can produce and keep on creating.

CAT Complexion Atelier is not a fashion but a technical makeup line, we focus on the
fundamentals for a makeup look, such as the basics of foundation.

When it comes to mascaras, lipsticks, powders, pencils, brushes, sponges and other
accessories, there are plenty of other choices on the internet.

CAT Complexion Atelier was created to suit the professional makeup artists needs while making sure we bring friendliness
to a place that needs it the most.

Francis Bouillard